About First Round Draft

The short answer: First Round Draft is a tacit reference to the first graduating class of the We Could Be Heroes school of improv comedy. First Round Draft is a side project of some of the WCBH players. The Silent Treatment is the first production by 1RD, emphasizing movement, physicality, spacework, and non-verbal communication. Working within the format of directed improvisation, The Silent Treatment gives us the opportunity to work on direction and building richer scenes by doing rather than talking.

Our next projects include a themed improv show and a sketch show, both of which we'll worry about once we're done with The Silent Treatment.

Our Players
Katy Shea Katy Shea hails from Boston and brings a Northeastern charm and sensibility to the ensemble. By day she controls America's financial markets, by night she ministers to the harried cogs of American Industry. A true patriot, Katy never gives less than 110% and packs the wallop of a Spider Bowl at the Hong Kong.
Peter Rogers. A man unlike any other. His reserved countenance is merely a smokescreen, obscuring the seething cauldron within. His ninja-like writing skills and riveting stage presence have left readers and audience members paralyzed with delight (spatula sold separately.) Peter Rogers
Ed Piston None escape the enigmatic smile of Ed Piston. He is at once entrancing, engaging, cryptic, and a little menacing. None dare peer into his soul -- the rare glimpses he reveals only deepen the mystery. Ed is not a farmer by trade.
The Reverend Griffin Mauser is secretly a master of space and time (more-so space than time, but who's counting?...) A 3d-degree black belt in Feng Shui, he can literally walk through walls and his superhuman speed baffles scientists even to this day. Griffin is a spiritual man, and the depth of his compassion is a rare quantity these days. Griffin Mauser
Chris RB Fay Scholar, entrepreneur, visionary - Chris RB Fay is a modern-day Renaissance Man. A nationally-recognized authority on Retro and teacher of philosophy, Chris shatters the boundaries between the Ivory Tower and the Everyman. He's a post-modern Johnny Appleseed, leaving a forest of knowledge and the fruits of wisdom in his wake. He drinks green beverages very rarely, perhaps only on national holidays in his native Boetia.
What is there to say about Bob Apthorpe that hasn't already been said? Perhaps the FBI summed it up best when they wrote "... [A]n agitated loner ..."A driven man, Bob is constantly redrawing the line between malaise and ennui, pausing only to tell the left and right halves of his brain to stop fighting or he's going to turn his life around right now. Occasionally he lapses into fugues of Patrick McGoohan or Gilbert Gottfried which modern medicine cannot yet explain, let alone cure. We see through Bob Man's eternal struggle to find a hat to line with tinfoil. Thankfully, Bob's phaser is set on stun. Bob Apthorpe
Our Directors
Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller (left) is a brilliant performer who now applies her indefatigable radiance to direction. Balancing theory and practice, she speaks softly and carries a big stick. And she's not afraid to use it.

Kacey Samiee (right) is a veteran player and amazing on-stage personality who has also taken up the reins of directing. She looks almost completely unlike this picture.

Kacey Samiee
Our Musical Improvisors
Brett Webster Brett Webster is Guitarist Extraordinaire. We're unsure of his affiliation with the Detroit Redwings (if any) but they're rumored to be a "pack of thugs". In no way does this affect our deep respect and admiration for Brett -- and please, no high-sticking.
Tim Girardot is Keyboardist Extraordinaire. In his own words PH34R MY L337 K3Y804RD 5K1LL5!. Actually, he never said that (it's only strongly implied.) Like the Batman, Tim's lack of superhuman power is more than compensated for by his preternatural skill and raw determination. Unlike the Batman, he does not have a keen utility belt or an atomic-powered car. Or the mask (shown here.) The beer is real, however. Tim Girardot
Our Lighting Improvisor
Maggie Bell Maggie Bell has 10,000-watt smile and a flair for the dramatic, so it was only natural that she be the lighting improvisor for The Silent Treatment. She's also Shelly's roommate and Shelly has a bat. What nobody knows is that Maggie is a secret Jedi princess. Only the color of her lightsaber gives away her true nature.
He Who Named Us
If First Round Draft could claim a member that is the living embodiment of dexterity, Matt Vance would be that man. Juggler, international financier, ladies' man - Matt's shrewd opportunism and lightning wit combined to bring our troupe a name, a name so fitting that he's had to go into hiding to guard his friends from the peril known only as the World Crime League (a jealous and vengeful lot, they are.) No coward, Matt works behind the scenes to protect us all, until the day he vanquishes the World Crime League and we can all breathe easier and live in a world without fear. Note that the third item Matt is juggling, a live porcupine, is off-camera, not shown in this picture. Matt Vance
Imagery courtesy of [www.reasonablyclever.com]