First Round Draft Improvisational TheatreFirst Round Draft Improvisational Theatre

First Round Draft is a tacit reference to the first graduating class of the We Could Be Heroes school of improv comedy. A side project of some of the WCBH players, First Round Draft balances innovation with solid, fundamental play to stretch our players' abilities without injuring anyone.

Upcoming Events
What? Out Of Bounds improv festival and miniature golf tournament. FORE!
Where? The Hideout, 617 Congress Ave. [ map ]
When? The Out Of Bounds festival runs August 1, 2, 3, 2002. 1RD plays 8pm Thursday, 8/1. We're taking point with NCT...
How much? $8 for a two-hour show featuring both First Round Draft and National Comedy Theatre. We go on at 8pm and hand the stage to NCT at 9pm.

First Round Draft, among others. Local troupes Ed32, Gravy, The Heroes of Comedy, National Comedy Theatre, Well Hung Jury, and from beyond Austin, Possible Side Effects (Montclair, NJ), Sunshine Express (Bowling Green, KY), Pavlov's Dogs (Dallas, TX), and Freudian Slip (College Station,TX).

Why? Two words: mini-golf. Or is a hyphenate considered one word? No matter. Arguments should always be ceded to those brandishing putters.
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